Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hitting the top of the charts....

DISCLAIMER:  The intention of this post is to educate the reader about Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic (Allentown, PA).  There is no intention of harassing, alarming or annoying anyone.  Dean Kevin Ziegler (Allentown, PA) has committed fraud and continued to commit fraud after the fact.  As a matter of public concern, I feel the general public has the right to know of Dean Kevin Zieglers (Allentown, PA) history so fraud is not committed against them.  His criminal history not only includes Fraud, but also harassment, abuse, and other summary offenses.  There are many chiropractors in the Allentown Area.  Should DEAN KEVIN ZIEGLER OF ZIEGLER CHIROPRACTIC (Allentown, PA) be one of them?  I am also exercising my rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press which are afforded to me by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Steps to increase exposure of the FRAUD history of Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic (Allentown, P) have worked well.  The information is getting out.  The terrible history of the criminal Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic (Allentown, PA) is getting out to the masses.  Check out these rankings.  If my site isn't high, a news article about his criminal history is.

As of 23September2015, we have had a tad bit of page views:
I also have prepared a 10 page pamphlet of information about the criminal history and illegal acts of          Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic (Allentown, PA).  Working on a way to get it dispersed to every citizen of Allentown and nearby communities.