Sunday, March 8, 2015

deankzieglerfraud has a new home...

In order to increase search engine exposure, the domain: has been registered. You can still get to this blog with the original address but now so will

Dean K Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic has been charged and admitted to Insurance Fraud. It has been my experience and the experience of others that he continues to commit fraud after being charged as he hasn't learned his lesson. It is my hopes that everyone and anyone learn about Dean K Zieglers history so they can make an informed decision about using his services or not. And, if they use his services, they will know what to watch out for.

Dean K Ziegler is so flustered about the thought of others learning about his history that he has filed fraudulent harassment complaints against me. Go figure.... He is constantly committing Fraud. I have no concern that I will prevail in this battle. This "Spin Doctor" has been known to think everyone is dumber than he is. He uses misdirection and smoke screens to try and cover up his own dark clouds in the failing hopes to implicate others in wrong doing.