Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Harassment Update.....

     I would like to thank everyone for their support in my battle with the harassment complaints made by Dean K. Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic.  I have received assistance in preparation and know that I will prevail.  This character has been called a "Spin Doctor" and uses misdirection to try and divert the dark cloud over him to something else.  In this instance, its not going to work (as if it even worked in the past).
     When push comes to shove, Karma always comes through and the right thing will happen.  The first hearing is set for later this month and I am well prepared.  It is expected that he will use his "spin doctor" ways in front of the magistrate.  Its been said that he thinks everyone is dumber than he is.  Well an educated individual like a Magistrate Judge is going to see right through him for what he really is.
     His complaints are nothing close to harassment.  The way they are written already screams out not guilty.  And when he begins to speak.....  Well he will even more support my innocence.  No worries here.
     Any supporter of his is only being told even more misdirection from this "spin doctor" just as he tried to make himself look innocent of Insurance Fraud in front of me.  I have been onto him from the moment I met him and never trusted him.  When I had all my information ready, I was more than eager to file the required complaints and go to the District Attorney about him.
     He should have never trusted me with his computers or patient records as I was able to have access to any incriminating information necessary.  And when he asked me to create patient records, I was sure to put my own code sorta speak into the documents and keep copies. And of course the insurance company didn't pay on them because I had called them and informed them of the fraud I was instructed to do. I was sure to keep all my ducks in a row.  I just had to be careful that he didn't find out about my disloyalty as my partner was eager to remain working for this character (for some reason) but I was able to get required information and make complaints while he still worked for him.
     How ironic that he is filling petty complaints against me with the DA that are abuse of process and  malicious prosecution (go figure he commits fraud on the court system) and at the same time people are making legitimate complaints against him and providing documentation of his actions.  I would give up coffee for a month if I could know what they are thinking in the DAs office.  I already filled them in on my experiences with his "spin doctor" ways.  They already know from their own experience with him as to what he is like.