Monday, February 8, 2016

Warning.. Your actions have LIFE LONG consequences...

DISCLAIMER:  The intention of this post is to educate the reader about Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic.  There is no intention of harassing, alarming or annoying anyone.  Dean K Ziegler has committed fraud and continued to commit fraud after the fact.  As a matter of public concern, I feel the general public has the right to know of Dean K Zieglers history so fraud is not committed against them.  His criminal history not only includes Fraud, but also harassment, abuse, and other summary offenses.  There are many chiropractors in the Allentown Area.  Should DEAN KEVIN ZIEGLER OF ZIEGLER CHIROPRACTIC be one of them?  I am also exercising my rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press which are afforded to me by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

This is a public service message for those that commit FRAUD.  This includes Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic (Allentown, PA).  For those that have the nerve to commit fraud for years, especially those who continue to commit crimes including fraud after they are caught (like Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic), it is only right that they rightfully pay for the consequences of their actions.

Dean Kevin Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic (Allentown, PA) as done his share of more than half of these.  Before and after being charged, sentenced, jailed and loosing his license.

Health care providers can commit fraudulent acts by:
  • billing for services‚ procedures and/or supplies that were never rendered
  • charging for more expensive services than those actually provided
  • performing unnecessary services for the purpose of financial gain
  • misrepresenting non–covered treatments as a medical necessity
  • falsifying a patient’s diagnosis to justify tests‚ surgeries‚ or other procedures
  • billing each step of a single procedure as if it were a separate procedure
  • charging a patient more than the co–pay agreed to under the insurer’s terms
  • paying “kickbacks” for referral of motor vehicle accident victims for treatment