Saturday, January 24, 2015

Harassment update....

It appears that the case of Dean K Ziegler (Affiant) vs John Blum is going to be continued for another date.  The affiant has requested a continuance and the judge will probably grant it.  So that means 1. my blog will continue and 2. I have more time to prepare.

To summarize....   I have (based on first amendment rights) reviewed Dean K Ziegler and Ziegler Chiropractic.  I have provided my experiences with the same in hopes that others are not being taken advantage of by the affiants actions.

Those actions include the following.

Dean K Ziegler has been charged with fraud and other criminal charges.  I have taken the stand to report on those charges in hopes that others are not taken advantage of by Mr. Dean K Ziegler.

You have many choices when it comes to chiropractor in the Allentown Area... CHOOSE WISELY!!!